New Player Hint Guide: MODERATORS (MODS)

From time to time you will see a comment in GREEN text; this is a comment from a Game Moderator, or "Mod."

Moderators are players chosen by the game developers to act as mediators, enforce the game rules, and generally keep the game running smoothly for everyone. Mods are chosen on the basis of their maturity, both physically (most are parents and some are grandparents!) and mentally, and their ability to arbitrate and enforce fairly and without favoritism. (Contrary to rumors you may have heard, Mods are not paid to moderate, nor do they receive any benefits whatsoever; they are all volunteers who just enjoy the game).


Mostly, Mods just try to play the game and have a good time. Generally, however, Mods are busy answering player questions, resolving disputes and enforcing the chat rules. Moderators have the authority to send a player to Prison Isle or MUTE a player (take away their ability to chat with, or receive chat from, other players) depending upon the infraction. Mods may also ban players whose behavior is particularly offensive. These are all judgment calls that Mods make, and, like umpires in a baseball game, arguing is not permitted. (If you have read the game rules and follow them as you agreed to when you joined, however, you should never find yourself in this situation.)


Moderators are only game facilitators. They are not libraries, banks or horse farms. Very few, if any, mods will give you the answers to game riddles, although some may give you further clues if they are not busy with questions from other players. Moderators cannot give you money or horses, nor can they send you to any place in the game apart from Prison.

Another thing Mods DON'T do is value horses for sale. Please do not ask the moderators how much a horse is worth; they have no more idea than you do and no time to research this point. A horse is worth what others will pay—nothing more or less.


If you a want a mod to contact you for some reason, just PM (private message) one. In that message, clearly state your problem. Then, wait. Most of the time, Mods cannot get back to you immediately because they are dealing with other players; you will have to wait your turn. PMing "Are you there?" repeatedly is rude.

If a mod mutes you for a violation of the rules, DO NOT threaten them in any way. Use the mute time to get your quests done, travel or bank or eat or care for your horses, and then go on about your business. Arguing only results in your being muted for even longer periods of time.

If a mod gives you an answer you don't want to hear, please don't immediately run and ask the same question of another mod. Mods do chat amongst themselves...

New mods generally find that once they become a moderator, they are now prime targets for buddy-collectors. Most mods do not accept buddies, and many only keep a few of the buddies they had before they became mods. They do this so as not to appear to have favorites, and not because they don't like you. Our moderators take their duties very seriously.

Remember that mods are players too; they are not required to answer your questions or help you in any way; that they do, when they can, shows their commitment to the game and in everyone's enjoyment of it.