New Player Guide:

Horse people are a chatty bunch, and on Horse Isle we are no different! However, there are some rules that, for the protection especially of our youngest players, the Moderators enforce on all players, regardless of age:

You may read the chat and game rules in more detail here. Always remember, you were asked to read them, and you agreed to abide by them before you first logged in. The mods will hold you to that promise.

A note about "chat-speak." Amongst younger people in the USA especially, it is considered "cool" and "in" to speak in chat-speak (that is, to say, "is ne1 going 2 sell me ur horse" instead of "Is anyone going to sell me your horse?" While people who are used to chat speak understand it or can at least eventually figure it out, people in other countries and people who are not native English speakers find it confusing at best. Several people have complained that they feel that by using chat-speak, American players are trying to deliberately exclude them. Please show consideration to other players around the world (especially those who are trying to learn English) and use Standard, proper, English in Global Chat.

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