New Player Hint Guide: THE MAIN SCREEN

This is the screen in which you play the game. It has many interesting areas, all of which you should become familiar with.

The GAME WINDOW is where all the visual action takes place. You will always be in the center of this window.

The DIALOG WINDOW tells you where you are (In Earton on Horse Isle in this case), what is at the same spot you are on, and many other things as they come up.

Directly below these windows is the BUTTON PANEL. Clicking on any of these buttons gives you different information about various aspects of the game:

The GLOBAL CHAT WINDOW will show chat from any game character, and whatever is in this window is seen by all players. It will also show you who has logged in and who has disconnected. The PERSONAL CHAT WINDOW shows chat that only your buddies, or a single person of your choice, can see. Below this is is the chat menu and type-in area. These will be discussed more thoroughly on the Chat page. This window also shows quest progress and in-game news, so watch it carefully as you play, even if you are not chatting.

To the right of the SEND button is the Wrench/Spanners icon for your TOOLKIT. The toolkit contains a binoculars, magnifying glass, rake and shovel, as well as a volume control for game background music, a "Low Detail" control (for eliminating some special effects when playing during peak hours, to make it run slightly faster), and buttons for clearing the chat windows.

Below all of this is the name of the server you are on, how much money you have on hand, how many players are online, how much mail you have waiting for you at City Hall and the current game time and date. Clicking the four white squares allows you to change the background melody to a random tune. The FPS number (Frames Per Second) is a measure of how fast the game is running on your computer. Twenty-four frames per second is as fast as it will go; anything higher than 20 is excellent speed.

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