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Expected Behavior for Players, Moderators, and Admins on Horse Isle.  Following these guidelines will help promote a fun game experience for all.


Purpose: To enjoy the game.

Do NOT ruin the enjoyment of Horse Isle by another player through negative actions of any kind.

If harassed/upset/annoyed by another player, use the MUTE system to mute the other player,  DO NOT make things worse by fighting with another player,  this is considered to be both players faults regardless of who started it.

Do NOT threaten to report players.  If you have a problem with another player use the MUTE system and if it's serious, then file an abuse report.  There is no need to tell them or threaten them.  Threatening another player with an abuse report, especially when the other player did nothing wrong could easily get you in trouble.

Do NOT be offended when a player Mutes you,  anyone can Mute anyone for any reason.  Some people are not as "talkative" as others and don't appreciate being chatted to much.   Just try to find others that appreciate chatting with you.

Do NOT be offended or upset if a player does not answer your Private Message.  Many players may be away from the game for a bit or are busy doing something else.  Replying to PM's can be a lot of work depending on the situation the player is in.

Players should reply positively when possible.  If you have nothing positive/helpful to say,  please just do not reply.

Players should never cheat/lie/trick another player into making an unfair trade. Stealing horses, money, etc. in this manner is an instant BAN.

Players are 100% responsible for their accounts.  Do not let siblings use your account and do not give out your password to ANYONE.

Players should always respect moderators when they ask you to do something.  If you feel a moderator is not being fair, or violating moderator expected behavior below, you can email us directly.  In the mean time, respect the moderator.

Note: When the horses have a bridle on it shows the reins hanging down. This was for drawing/fitting purposes only. Please never leave your own, real life horse with its reins hanging down in this manner. It is very dangerous for your horse.


Purpose: To have mature, positive players who can be trusted to quell bad/rule violating behavior from within the game.

Moderators should be a good role model of all Expected Player Behaviors.

Moderators should be fair in any use of moderator abilities.  Never used for personal reasons.

Moderators are not required to help other players.  Moderators are players like everyone else. Sometimes they are busy, or working on their own things. Moderators are under no obligation to help.  DO NOT be upset when they do not have time to help you, and be grateful when they do.  Try making your requests for help to anyone on the server if it's a general game issue.

When to Prison Isle: This is the least severe of Moderator actions.  Mostly done if a player is physically being in the way of others in the game, or harassing, etc..   No Violation Points are assigned for this.

When to Mute: In any case where a player is not following Horse Isle Rules after being asked to follow the specific rule they are violating.  Muting should happen right away when a player is purposefully and seriously violating profanity rules, etc. Mute times may range from 5 minutes to 2 full days depending on severity.   An Admin will review each muting case and assign Violation points if warranted.

When to Delete player/horse/ranch Profiles: When a clear violation of Personally identifiable info is present such as age/phone/address/im/email/etc. (Real life information on the players horses, or other non-identifiable info is acceptable).  Also, any  profanity/filter avoidance is cause for profile deletion.  When profiles are deleted, they are reviewed by an admin and violation points assigned based on content.

When to Ban: Two Moderators need to agree to ban a player in order for it to work.  This should only be used on SEVERE Cases where MUTES do not solve the problem.   Or where a new player has connected with a clearly offensive name.

Moderators need to PM players when there is a problem.  Such as when a player is spamming, begging, causing troubles, etc.  This causes the player to not be singled out in global.  It also tends to help contain the situation better and keep it from escalating into something worse.

Moderators are not required to go to a different server even if there are not any moderators there.

It's great for moderators to have buddies, but they must not be treated as favorites.  This means the friends of moderators should be treated the same as any other player with regard to punishment for not following the rules.  Moderators found 'playing favorites' could have their moderator privileges taken away.


Purpose: To make sure the moderators are being fair, balanced, and positive role-models.  To make final situational judgements.  To judge abuse reports. etc.  Our main goal is to ensure an environment where all players of any age can enjoy themselves.

Admins should be fair, and uphold the rules set forth.

Being fair requires being strict.  When too many violations occur,  We MUST remove accounts and block game access in more serious cases.  We cannot take excuses of siblings being responsible, etc.   Each player is responsible for what happens on their account.

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