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Horse Isle is a vast multi-player horse based world. It allows for many players to interact while searching for wild horses roaming the lands. Once you have a horse, you can train it, take care of it, and compete with other players. Although the world graphics are simple 2D, they have been beautifully designed to create an interesting and vast world to explore. This land is completely non-violent. A great place for any aged player to have fun.

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You can play Horse Isle for FREE! or $5/mo USD game memberships provide many benefits.

Several different entertaining game activities:
  • Capturing, training, and competing with your horses. These involve racing, jumping, dressage - all many-player games. Winning these events takes a combination of your horse's abilities, and your skill at the particular game.
  • Completing mini-games throughout the world for fun and game money. Many are multiplayer also.
  • Solving story-based quests and adventures by talking with characters in the game. There is a large variation of quests, from buried treasure, labyrinths, and painting, to simply returning someone's books!
  • Buying and building up your very own ranch, making a piece of Horse Isle your very own!
  • Naming and taking care of your horses. Finding them better tack, or even finding your horse a nice pet!
  • Interacting with other players via chat, private chat, postal messages, actions, trading, competitive mini-games, and cooperative mini-games. Group activities include drawing rooms, music rooms, and poetry rooms!
  • Searching the world for buried treasures, rare items, and hidden adventures.
  • Trying to get the highest score or best times of many different tracked games.
Ever-expanding content within the world includes:
  • 20+ unique communities located on different islands and climates. With unique weather systems.
  • Over 100 unique horse breeds, very detailed with professional renderings of each breed in each color. More added regularly.
  • 500+ computer characters (residents) which you can interact with to complete adventures and learn things.
  • 500+ Adventure Quests. Completing these can earn you awards and bonuses.
  • Hundreds of unique objects that can be found in the world or handled during quests.
  • 60+ unique minigames, many horse-based.
  • Many completely original soundtracks and game musics, professionally produced.

The game requires Flash 8. So any computer with Flash 8 should be able to run it (PC, MAC, and Linux (with Flash Player 9)). However it does use a lot of graphics, so a slow computer may have troubles. Any computer bought in the last 3-5 years should be fine. It also needs quick Internet, so dialup users may not enjoy the game fully.

SCREEN SHOTS: (Pause your mouse over an image to popup details)
The Group Drawing Room. Great place for pictionary, tictactoe or just drawing! The Library. Viewing one of the breeds of Horse Isle. Treeton. One of the towns in Horse Isle. Quite the gathering of horse riders in the Desert! A cold little community in Horse Isle. A Drawing Room competition area on Art Isle. Giant flowers and Rainbows make Flower Isle a special Island to visit. One of the Arena MiniGames, This is Horse Racing.
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